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Whirlpool Built in Microwave AMW507IX



Unbeatable crunchiness. Thanks to the Crisp function and the special Crisp plate you can prepare the crustiest pizza, cake or quiche.

Extremely fast heating up. The JetStar function gives a maximum of 30 seconds of a temperature boost to the microwave so you can quickly warm liquid dishes.

40 liters of capacity
More space for your cooking creations. This Whirlpool microwave has a spacious 40-liter capacity, so you always have enough space to try new recipes

Anti-fingerprint, Easy to clean
The anti-finger pressure treatment ensures that fingerprints, dust and scratches are easy to remove. Cleaning is now easier than ever.

Contents of the oven space (liters) 40
Operating system Electronic
Turbo hot air
Power grill (W) 1600
Diameter turntable (mm) 360
Maximum microwave / microwave power (W) 900
Type of door Folding door
Minimum niche width (mm) 556
Depth device (mm) 560
Connection value (W) 2800
Current collection (A) 16
Length of connection cable (cm) 135
Maximum cutting height (mm) 455
Niche depth (mm) 550
Height of oven space (mm) 210

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