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Samsung B/In Microwave + Grill FG87SUST



Enamel, ceramic is another convenience that guarantees that someone else will take care of your equipment. The most important parameters that should be a mandatory feature of all good appliances should be durability. Thus, no matter how your family is using the device on the surface scratches do not appear as in the case of stainless steel or cracks as in the case of plastic. Enamel, ceramic is also easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth, with which you remove all the stains. In addition, the walls are covered with active material, which acts as an antibacterial and deodorizing. This is good news, because even if your family likes to use the microwave, do not always remember that you need it from time to time to wash.

3 waves are better than one
At Samsung, we are proud of introducing technological innovations to each of our products. Our system TDS makes everything from pizza to warm milk, is always perfectly prepared and delicious with three points of distribution waves. Dishes prepared in our microwave ovens will always be evenly and thoroughly cooked.

Press the button and save
Eco button allows you to save energy in standby mode by up to 40%. Just press it and save money, energy and the environment.

Fast thawing
Defrosting is not only time consuming but also unpredictable. The most common dishes are thawed soggy places, and in places still quite hard. The Samsung Rapid Defrost allows rapid and uniform thawing of food, restoring their freshness before freezing and providing a great taste meal.

Auto Menu mean for you
You do not have time to browse the cookbook? You can not find a recipe? You do not have time to create something special? Let the Auto menu prepared for you something tasty. Rather than aim at random in cooking times and temperature settings, select the menu and press the button, and your dish will start to be immediately prepared. Serve the dish to your family and friends. And when speechless with delight, do not worry, the Auto Menu to secrecy. It'll be our little secret.

Parental lock
Plates are protected against access by children with a special lock button, so that their little hands remain safe.

General information
Installation built-in
Capacity 23liters
Source of heat Grill
Power consumption 230 V / 50 Hz
Output power (max) 800
Electricity consumption (microwave) 1200
display type LED
Type of control Touch
Way to open the door Button
distribution of microwaves turntable
Power level 6
The interior of the chamber enamel, ceramic
General information
Different modes of cooking
The maximum cooking time 99min
Minute / 30 sec plus
Options: automatic heating
Automatic cooking programs

Option clock (12h / 24h)
Sound signal
Signaling the end of cooking
Steam Steam Clean
Crusty plate

Height 312mm
Width 489mm
Depth 36mm

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